Production of high voltage lattice towers

We distribute electricity across Europe

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We have been active for more than 70 years and we have produced more than 20,000 pylons, among other things, roughly 90% of the distribution network in Slovakia and a significant part in the Czech Republic.

Every month we manufacture poles in the total weight of 1500 tonnes. Our plant ranks among the biggest of its type in Central Europe, thus we can even cope with really big orders on time.

Quality is paramount for us. We are a holder of certificates and licences, thanks to which we are able to produce in accordance with the European and world standards.

We have a lot of experience with big orders from all over the world, in particular in Europe. Look at our completed projects.

We manufacture lattice welded and screwed high voltage pylon structures from 22 to 400 kV and telecommunication aerials.

Samples of our completed projects



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Technological background

Thanks to extensive production capacities and long-term experience we have excellent conditions for implementation of your projects of any criterion.

In our plant in Žilina you can find:

Experienced and skilled workers

Extensive production and storage capacities

xtensive machinery equipment


For us, quality is a given

Look at our certificates



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