Hot dip and centrifugal galvanizing

The most advanced anti-corrosion protection method

Advantages of hot dip galvanization in our factory


Hot dip galvanized steel has a life cycle as high as 80 years and perfectly resists mechanical impacts.

Don't hesitate to use further coats on galvanized steel.

Galvanization is cheap and environmentally friendly.

Hot dip galvanization creates high-quality and even coating on inner inaccessible areas too.

We operate the widest network of zinc works in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic.

We are acquainted with hot dip galvanization. We have been galvanizing for more than 30 years.

Our zinc works


We operate a total of ten galvanization plants: three in Slovakia and seven in Czech republic. We are able to galvanize steel products of practically any dimensions. Choose the closest place to you.

The galvanization processes at all our facilities are carried out in compliance with CSN EN ISO1461:2010 standards. As proof of the quality of these services we hold Certificates A 123/A 123 M - 09, DASt-Directive 022, and CSN EN ISO 9001:2009.

In the list you will find opening hours of zinc works, dimensions of bathtubs and contact details.

Overview of zinc works

How hot dip galvanization takes place

After dipping in the zinc bath, intermetallic iron and zinc phase is created on the material surface, which is highly abrasion-resistant.

The thickness of this layer fluctuates between 50 - 190 microns, depending on chemical composition and type of material, as well as immersion duration. We are also able to galvanize steel of big dimensions. Look at the dimensions of tubs in our zinc works.


How to prepare steel for galvanization?

Do you plan galvanization in our plant? Read through the detailed instructions on what to do to achieve the best results.

You can also call us and we will consult you.

Download the instructions.

General Terms & Conditions for Galvanization

Other services

Do you need consultancy?

We offer technological consultancy of appropriate material preparation before galvanization (e.g. suitable placement and size of weep hole). Our business representatives can visit you.

We will provide you with certificates certifying the quality.


For us, quality is a given

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